Friday, June 1, 2012

Shhhhhh . . . It's a Secret!

Finished my hubby's anniversary gift this morning...and I just cannot wait to give it to him!  So I'm sharing it with all of you....shhhh...don't give the surprise away!

Really I just wanted to share how fun the Stkr.It QR Code stickers are.  For all of you at AZ Scrapbooking - watch for a class in August!

At our monthly Salsa meeting last week, Virgie, Charlene, and Elaine taught the group to make a small explosion box.  Now I've done explosion boxes...never thrilled me much.  But I'd been wondering what to do special for my hubby's anniversary card...and I had an ah-hah moment! 


So there's the box.  The fabulous flower is by Avania Floral Embellishments (Thanks, Pat!).  I attached the flower and ribbons with a velcro strip so the gift can be opened and closed over and over without having to retie a bow....and that's just what I've been doing all day! it's going to be an explosion box - but where do I take it from there?  Let's see - eight small squares to work with - and it just happens to be our 8th anniversary.  So each border square was scrapped with a picture commemorating a past anniversary.

We can't forget the embellishments!  Flowers & Flourishes from Piccolo Card Decor Set #9 - embellished with Piccolo Girls' Night Out Enamel Powder - were perfect for the small space I had to embellish.


Now...closer to the real gift.  In the center is a small message to Gene - you can see his instructions are to Lift and Scan.

When he lifts the flap, there is a QR Code from Stkr.It - of course, embellished with Piccolo Decor!

He will take his phone and scan the QR code . . . 


and get more instructions!  (Why should our anniversary be any different than any other I can just give my orders via a QR Code!)

He clicks REVIEW - and he learns what his real gift is.  I know it will just take him seconds to figure it about you?

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  1. Do you have a template or instructions for this? I have never seen this type of explosion box before. Thanks, Lynnette Sackman in MI